Christmas and my Birthday both started really well by getting that visit from the This Planet Earth NSD Dalek. Since then it has become a member of the family. It’s name is rusty in respect of the Ben Wheatley directed second outing for the Peter Capaldi Doctor Who ‘Into the Dalek’ I have and will never be bored of listening to the 10 phrases while working in the room it has invaded. One of my much-loved phrases is in the video below. It comes for the special edition version of the Jon Pertwee story &l ... Read more »
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Cornwall is Julia and my top destinations to visit and we decided that we should go again. We set off for 2 weeks of relaxed Cornish holidaying. It was a shame the weather was utterly appalling when we set off. I had to wear waterproofs loading the damn car as the rain was bucketing it down. Quite a bit of the car journey was in bad weather and it took ages to get to our cottage near Padstow. I think we set off around 10.30am and ended up getting to our place at 9.30pm. It is the latest we have got there. I just did not want to rush as ... Read more »
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