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I have never been a person to play an album on constant rotation. A few albums do stand out for me such as Black Sabbath’s first 6, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, Iron Maiden’s Live after Death, Ghost’s Opus Eponymous and Cradle of Filth’s Live Bait for the Dead are just a few that spring to mind. An album was released recently that has really provided me with another that I can add to that list. It is Devilment’s The Great and Secret Show.



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It is truly an understatement to say that the bible has many stories that have been adapted into various types of art. One of the more well known is the 17th century set of poems by the English poet John Milton. It is an epic twelve books of blank verse. It is based around the book of Genesis and Adam and Eve. It explains their creation and loss of place within the Garden of Eden. In effect the fall of man and Satan’s part in that downfall.

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I have discussed aspects of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) on past blog entries. Here I would like to draw your attention to a quite obscure moment in the history of this genre. I have always been a fan of the late guitarist Paul Samson. A very underrated player indeed, it is his early work with his band Samson that I have affection for the most. Formed in 1977, it was not until the album Head on in 1980 that the music started to gain its power. They had been an extremely hard touring band, putting in hundreds of shows all around Europe. Bruce ... Read more »
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Music is a great gift. It is also incredibly diverse. Some people love pop and others jazz. My main taste has always been hard rock, heavy metal and blues. Iron Maiden was one of the first bands I was wholeheartedly a fan of. I still am but it is mainly of the first eight albums. This is due to the fact they take me on a nostalgic high. Originally they heralded the new wave of British heavy metal. This is together with bands like Raven, Judas Priest, Hell, Venom and Samson to name but a few. Iron Maiden with original singer Paul DiAnno brought out the incredible Soundhouse tapes then an impressive debut album in Iron Maiden, followed by the equally prodigious album, Killers. When Bruce Dickinson joined the fold from fellow NWOBHM band Samson they notched up a gear and the world was shown how to create a supreme live p ... Read more »
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Rick Rubin is a legendary producer. Whether you like his style or not he has left his mark on the music industry. He set up Def Jam and American recordings and they released some classic albums by artists such as the Beastie Boys, The Cult, Public Enemy, Masters of Reality, Danzig, Metallica and one of my nostalgic greats by Wolfsbane. It is one of his most recently produced albums I want to bring to the readers attention though. He produced the Black Sabbath album 13.

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Guitars and amps, I love the world. One of the aspects that I have an interest in is the signature series. Signature versions are there to sell the product first of all. If there were no guitar heroes you would probably not get the interest. Guitar heroes do exist and because of this we have the best adverts for the instrument. It is astounding how may different amplifiers and guitars that have been produced but it is just as astonishing how may are based on well-known players. Brian May has Vox ac30 amps with his red special, John Lennon and Fargen, Joe Satriani and his Marshall JVM410H together with the Ibanez JS2410, Kerry King and the Marshall 2203KK played with the BC Rich bearing his moniker! The list now goes on and on.

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This took my fancy. I thought the info-graphic was splendid and for any guitar player like myself makes me chuckle.

When Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire, the guitar reached a near mythological level of cool in the world. In fact, the mystique surrounding the guitar and guitar players permeates throughout culture that seems to transcend the simple (yet quite enjoyable!) act of playing the guitar. With their recently published infographic Encore Music Lessons breaks down the vast depths of the guitar’s ‘cool.’

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Doctor Tony Iommi, now that sounds good, and it is now fact. Black Sabbath has been the number one influence in my musical taste. The moment I heard the original albums was a revelation. I have never looked back. Tony has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Coventry University in recognition of his contribution to the world of popular music. That was in November 2013.

I was incredibly pleased he got the award. He ... Read more »

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I am sat here having a beer contemplating the last time I properly picked my guitar up. I am frustrated with myself for not making more of an effort. I blamed everything but myself! Now I am changing that. Firstly, it is my fault. I have concentrated on other aspects of learning software, not feeling like it and simply not finding the ‘moments’. It is time to go back to that love of playing again.

There is one music resource I always go back to. That is justinguitar.com. This is a site created by the talented Justin Sandercoe. It has been teaching since 2003 and is free. Justin di ... Read more »

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This is about my long-standing love of music videos. Not about every music video, only those that are made with respect for the art. To me it does not have to be associated with the music I buy, but instead it should take you out of the now and directly into the artist’s vision for 5 minutes. You should come away emotionally changed.

This brings me to a video that comes from 1996. Directed by Nic Goffey and Dominic Hawley who together shaped a stylistic trend that continues today. I have to be blunt though and state that I feel that the majority of music videos, now more than ever, are watered down commercial drivel. This is harsh but was bound to happen as music became freely available on the Internet. Also it has to be iterated that throwing large quantities of cash at a music video does no ... Read more »

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