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Main » 2016 » March » 14 » Thank goodness I am off Facebook at last
0:58 AM
Thank goodness I am off Facebook at last
I must say that when I first started my Facebook account it was a new and easy ‘Friends Reunited’ You could stay in touch with those close to you and people you had not seen for a while. You could arrange to meet up or exchange pictures and links. It all seemed so effortless. This changed a few years ago. I now find it quite insidious in its monitoring and want of information. Professionally I see the results of the way it can be used to insult, intimidate and bully people of varied backgrounds. Although this is not Facebook’s fault I find the ease of accessibility and the many ways it has complicated its privacy settings very much a cause for concern.

Mark Zuckerberg is a genius of social networking. Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and the dark lord itself, Facebook, are all under his control. I have no problem with Mr Zuckerberg, it is just the large influence these services now hold that make for a frightening prospect. Half the world’s population now uses his networks and that is a great amount of data. I found that constant asking for telephone numbers (for security) and keeping up of settings was fine for me but what about children, teenagers and those that do not know any settings exist? It has become a network of hidden minefields that sells its unaware users life to advertisers. There are articles one can read that discuss the 13 or so ways in which to hide you from advertisers, stop third parties using your Facebook details and other ways to help navigate that minefield. If you plan to stay with the network then make sure you are wise to all this information, especially if your children are on instagram or other social area of the Zuckerberg Empire. I have always stuck by the main fact that if a website or social site respects it’s users than all security would be default. The problem with that is an income is needed. If half of the 3.5 billion users don’t check settings then that is fantastic potential revenue for the website. It is also something I cannot be morally part of anymore.

I will miss the interaction with the people. Facebook is not like being in a bar and talking with friends. It is a world where unreal lives are played out for the camera. The ‘look where I am’ or ‘here is my baby in the park, front room, car, garden, with the Christmas tree, dribbling, eating or anywhere else that used to be for family albums is disconcerting at best. Living for the moment is where the world should be. Following those that set examples of how the world can prosper is a course that is more constructive. Facebook especially must waste so many hours. Life really was better without it. If one fell out of contact with someone than you may see him or her at some point and can catch up then. If you never see them again then that is how it was meant to be. The culture of ‘how many Facebook friends’ should only be relevant for companies or bands but it is a proven social issue for a high percentage of users now, and that is a sad fact to have in the 21st century.

Contrariwise I really do love Twitter. I find it substitutes a morning paper dedicated to your own area. You can both see what the local Police issues are or what rocket will be blasting off and where to watch it, all in real time. It really is a helpful tool. Most tools, for skilled craftsmen, can be helpful but I am afraid Facebook has become blunt and without a useful purpose.
I like posting on my website. If anyone is interested they will read. I can monitor it and restrict or enhance. I prefer it this way. It is freeing and makes for a clutter free web life. I have fallen out with Facebook but do not think any worse of those who use it.
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