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Ric O'Barry is a hero to me and many millions of others.
He helped to capture and then train the Dolphins for the TV programme Flipper until he saw how unhappy they were. His purpose in life changed when he saw one of the main Dolphins commit suicide as it was so distressed. That night he was arrested as he tried to release the remaining captive Dolphins.

From that moment on his existence has been dedicated to protecting them. He has put his life in danger numerous times. I urge you to watch 2 films.

One is The Cove
The latest is ... Read more »
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It is time to stop this carnage we inflict on wildlife. What are we doing?

This is a photo tweeted by Sam Simon showing Kshamenk, a killer whale in captivity in Argentina.

Sam Simon is an American director, producer, writer and philanthropist who went to Mundo Marino where Kshamenk is held. He describes how the whale is permanently bent fr ... Read more »
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We will undoubtedly destroy the planet. It is inevitable. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to see it happen, but we have not progressed at all. Yes you are right, technology has and so has food production. One deed that will never change is that the world is full of male homosapiens loving the kill, loving the dominance and will breed more to regress again.

What fun Daddy

Take the Faroe Islands. A place I will never go. It does not belong to Denmark and I noticed recently that Denmark has distanced itself from these 'traditionalists' 
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Dolphins captured in the notorious drive hunt at Taiji, Japan are transferred from Taiji Whale Museum to Dalien, China by truck and air. The earnings from sale of dolphins is one of the main supports for the brutal dolphin hunt.

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