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Ric O'Barry - A true hero and the petition for Angel the Dolphin
Ric O'Barry is a hero to me and many millions of others.
He helped to capture and then train the Dolphins for the TV programme Flipper until he saw how unhappy they were. His purpose in life changed when he saw one of the main Dolphins commit suicide as it was so distressed. That night he was arrested as he tried to release the remaining captive Dolphins.

From that moment on his existence has been dedicated to protecting them. He has put his life in danger numerous times. I urge you to watch 2 films.

One is The Cove
The latest is Blackfish

The Cove goes into detail about Ric's reasons for what he does. It is harrowing and explains the terrible events that happen at Taiji in Japan. A trailer for the Sundance award winning film is below. He is making a difference and so can others that sign the petitions.

One petition at the moment is in regards to an Albino Dolphin, that has been nicknamed Angel, that was captured in one of the brutal Taiji drives and singled out to be used as 'entertainment' It is very rare and the images and video showing it being dragged from the bloodied waters where its family and friends were butchered is heartbreaking. It is now in a tiny pool getting sunburnt and with no family.

The petition to send to Prime Minister Abe is here
Please sign it.

If it wasn't for all the volunteers that go to Japan and watch the cove we would not see such immoral behaviour. I respect them all immensely.

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