The closest I will get to a bee this year I feel

It has been quite a disappointment recently. I have been eagerly waiting to start beekeeping. In doing so I have taken time to choose the right bees and to make sure my hives are preserved and painted. The bees I am waiting for are bred pure Buckfast, reared for their compliant temperament. The bees were due at the beginning of the week (16/05/2016) but unfortunately I received a messa ... Read more »
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Well it is a few months before my beekeeping adventure begins and I thought it was time to buy some items. My intention was to choose the hive design and stick to that particular form. This is always recommended so all frames and products can be interchangeable. I previously ordered 2 nuclei of bees. These are Buckfast bees due to their nature. It strange really that my intention was always to get pure black bees due to the exhibition Julia and I saw at The Eden Project. This was promoting the Black Bee Project where the original pure strain was trying to be brought back. Black bees are hardy and well mannered. When I was deciding to which bees to get I read a great deal of literature. I also got advice from the tutors at RHS Harlow Carr last year when I attended the beekeeping course. I even emailed the project itself. It sounded like the pure strain is being brought back but is next to impossible to get and keep p ... Read more »
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At the weekend the day Julia and I had been waiting for suddenly appeared. It was bonfire day! We had quite a few bits to burn from the allotment and field. We had accumulated it over summer but in winter there has been no set of dry days. The rain has been constant so two dry days was a blessing. We chose a location away from any local houses and the air was still so it was perfect. Now setting fire to wood and dead cut offs that are not 100% dry is an art form. Thankfully we had some kindling courtesy of my father (although I did ask him afterwards!) and never looked back. Every item was burnt over five hours or more. It was good fun and constructive at the same time. I was a on a high to start with as my solar set up had worked perfectly and accumulated more than enough energy to power the shed. Julia and I had a cup of tea next to the bonfire; looking into the flames it takes the human soul back to its roots, as ... Read more »
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Well, as summer gradually fades, Julia and I are making the most of being at the allotment. Thanks to Julia and her fine planning we are having tea up there as much as possible. That involves using the stove to cook fresh produce just picked from the patch. It really tastes supurb and is the definitive relaxing and satisfying time spent in the range of own grown food. The position of the paddock makes sure the sun is on the vegetables and shed for as long as possible. This makes picking them and cooking them easier with plenty of time. Cups of tea help the pick and cooking and then eventual eating!

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It has been a while since the last update. Quite a few pieces have been put into place in order to make the allotment as productive as possible. Julia has planned it out and planted the vegetables and plants in order to complement them (and mainly bring the pollinators)
In the meantime I attended a weekend beekeeping course at RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate. It was through the Ripon and Harrogate Beekeepers Society and was very enjoyable and educational. Unfortunately it came late in the summer meaning I hav ... Read more »
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I apologise for not updating my blog sooner. The allotment has taken more time than I expected. Julia has been really busy reaping the rewards and we have just bought a stove in order to stay up there longer and not be so reliant on my parents generosity.

Update on its was very soon!
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What is the order of the day when building an allotment from scratch? Well it is hard work followed by hard work then more hard work and sprinkle even more hard work. You have a sectioned off area in a paddock and what you need is to create a base for vegetables and flowers to grow. Julia decided to go with the no dig method. This was seen on Charles Dowding’s website. He has specialised in it for years and the idea is to let the manure do the work on the soil below. If you have good quality manure then it will pay off as it makes the soil more fertile. Please go to his website as he is a true master of growing vegetables.

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Julia and I have different interests in many respects but it is the individuality that keeps us so close. I like guitars, loud and heavy music, Nasa, ESA and science whereas Julia loves making artistic pieces, sewing, gardening and very easy listening music! In the past year we have wanted to join forces on a project that hopefully we can make successful.

That is my interest in wanting to be a beekeeper and Julia’s love of growing vegetables. A decision was made and we are about to embark on this journey. A patch of land has been designated from my parent’s unused field and now we are waiting for the fencer to come and do a good job and then all will be go. Julia has an idea what she wants to do. I, on the other hand, need to learn a bit more regarding bees. We are certainly not going in blind, as Julia is quite an authority on growing. The patch we have chosen is large though and will be a ... Read more »
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