I am revisiting Dune again. In the book series I am reading Frank Herberts Children of Dune once more. It is the second reading as the books are complex but awe-inspiring in there scope. I make no apologies for discussing Dune again as I feel it demands deliberation of all kinds. I was reading the fabulous blog the illustrator Ron Miller wrote on the 30th Anniversary of the David Lynch film version. He was the production artist and his wife Judith made and designed some of the model ideas. Ron writes with great gusto about the intricate detail that went into the prod ... Read more »

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The 2014 TT had some great moments. In the UK the coverage was as good as ever via ITV4. An hour was dedicated every evening. You can look up results and see how close one race in particular was.

I want to discuss the SES TT Zero race. It gave John McGuinness his 21st TT victory. The electric race at the TT is still in its infancy. The great element this year was the actual step forward that seemed to take place. There was one main team, Team Mugen Shinden. They had invested a large sum of money in the project and spent many hours developing the components. It resulted in them winning the Motul team award for excellence.

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Books; they are almost life itself. A bold statement that is true from our history to our future. They have caused great conflict and stirred emotions. Love and passion go hand in hand with science and belief. The past brought us the printing press, the future heralds a digital age.

One part of the books tale that is forever linked is the cover design. I love illustration in general but the importance of this aspect within the literary world cannot be overstated. Here is a video, inspiring to any illustrator, which shows the workings of one of the top book publishing design houses. Random House brings the authors masterpiece into a concise work of art that seduces the consumer and informs of what lies within those pages. ... Read more »

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