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The most abused Orca in the world - Kshamenk
It is time to stop this carnage we inflict on wildlife. What are we doing?

This is a photo tweeted by Sam Simon showing Kshamenk, a killer whale in captivity in Argentina.

Sam Simon is an American director, producer, writer and philanthropist who went to Mundo Marino where Kshamenk is held. He describes how the whale is permanently bent from living in a small pool.
25 years ago he was led into a forced stranding and captured along with 3 other whales. The purpose was for Seaworld's 'use' He was only 5 years of age.

The storey is typical of the abuse that we inflict. Kshamenk is the only survivor. Of the other three that were captured one was dumped back into the sea as he was too large, another committed suicide after repeatably bashing into the walls of his tiny pool. The other died in transit.

My blood boils at the greed that rules these immoral practices for 'entertainment' purposes
These are cashcows for the dirty inbreds that both buy the whales and buy the tickets

It may sound harsh but I really feel that with all the media coverage and the fact it still continues we are all guilty of manipulating such creatures.
Whales are highly intelligent. Kshamenk will remember when he was fending for himself in the open ocean up to the age of 5.
He can still be successfully released and can pick off where he left off decades before.

This captivity is deteriorating this magnificent creature both physically and emotionally. He is sexually frustrated, angry, depressed and hostile to his 'trainers'

Please help free Kshamenk by signing this petition

'Kshemenk will swim for more than 500 turns per hour in his pool which is smaller than the size you need for a whale this size'

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