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Well I thought I had seen all the oddest performances known to man, that is until now. Please watch the video and make your own mind up but one thing is clear....that lead singer is one hell of a character.

The main component that bands lack is a lead singer that you simply can not take your eyes off. David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson are my picks in what is part of a small list. Every year it certainly gets smaller in the 'popular' music category. I put that down to the dirge that is X Factor, The Voice and that endless list of worldwide 'talent' shows. All creating the same honed clones.
This is where our friends on the video show how to cut out the clone and create a showstop ... Read more »
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I've always been a fan of the band Ghost since their debut album Opus Eponymous. I find that the version of melodic rock and theatre they excrete creates an incredible ambience that is almost on a par with visualising a film. For some reason it reminds me of David Bowies Ziggy Stardust days. That enigma that is wrapped within pure rock...and heavy rock at that.

A great deal has been made about who is behind the masks and cloaks, some would say it is irrelevant. In my opinion it it is far from irrelevant, it is one of the reasons their live shows are incredible. Most fans know the brilliant songwriter ... Read more »
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I have never been the worlds biggest Bruce Springsteen fan, but I do respect him as an artist.
I noticed on Twitter that this video has been getting everyone excited.....I watched it and it got ME excited. Bruce cuts a great ACDC Highway to Hell. I am glad I watched it. Noticed Tom Morello there too. All done in Perth, where Bon Scott the original ACDC singer came from.....all very cool.
BTW Tom Morello is also known as The Nightwatchman (an alter ego to his work with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave)
See his website here

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What a fantastic evening we all had at The Sun Inn at Pickering on 7th February 2014. This was Martin Heaton's launch event for his debut album 'The Last Chance'
Julia and I got there a few minutes late but Martin had waited so we didn't miss anything. We were grateful for that and must apologise to those that were there at the right time.

He started at just after 8pm and the music sounded superb!

There were around 50 people there, lots of Martin's fellow singer songwriters, all enjoying the fantastic music. He played the entire album 'The Last Chance', then there was a break for those that wanted to buy the CD and have nibbles, then Martin pl ... Read more »
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It is an odd thing recently. I am starting to 'see the light' - Now I don't mean I am suddenly going to turn to religion. The problem I find myself in is that there is a potent of something. Maybe it is just the vast expanse of media we have at our disposal but everything I see makes me believe in some pure evil that emanates through the universe.

I am not a depressive personality and I am not going to let it rule my life. The Badger cull, Dolphin and Whale disregard is the last chase saloon. It was only a few years ago that we some testing thousands of nuclear explosions.

Nazis were the worst Humans can get.......let us not see it again.

I turn ... Read more »
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Well I have completed a singer songwriters website using this template and adapting it. In the process I have entered his music onto 20 music platforms including iTunes and Amazon MP3. Please see the links below for the site and his news article about where to get hold of his new album. I am the administrator of it until I can teach him how to get the hang of updating the pages.

Here is the main page
New Release action and where to purchase his great music

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