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The Devils's Deadly Weapon
It is an odd thing recently. I am starting to 'see the light' - Now I don't mean I am suddenly going to turn to religion. The problem I find myself in is that there is a potent of something. Maybe it is just the vast expanse of media we have at our disposal but everything I see makes me believe in some pure evil that emanates through the universe.

I am not a depressive personality and I am not going to let it rule my life. The Badger cull, Dolphin and Whale disregard is the last chase saloon. It was only a few years ago that we some testing thousands of nuclear explosions.

Nazis were the worst Humans can get.......let us not see it again.

I turn to songs in order to release the feeling of frustration. At the moment it is Hell's 'The Devils's Deadly Weapon' from the album 'Human Remains'
It sums it up for me. 
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