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Is it wrong to want to own one?
Well I have always been a massive fan of Dr Who.
I find both the classic series, new series and the Big Finish audios fantastic. They have got me through both bad and good times.
I like nothing better than listening to a Big Finish audio adventure in the car as I have a 30 mile trip to work.
Big Finish can be found here and are truly superb.

This brings me onto the case in point. I have always found the Daleks from Dr Who iconic. To me they are as British as fish and chips, red phone boxes and, yes you guessed it, old blue Police boxes!
So is it wrong that I have just commissioned someone in the know to make me a full size replica!
He is on with it now and I will post a photo of any progress. I want it weathered and a new NSD type. The main problem will be fitting it somewhere.
I would love to use it for charity events so we will have to see.

Anyway, its one of my childhood nightmares that will be made flesh.
It's funny what my Father said.......I really don't get Dr Who. 
Longest running Sci Fi serial and the largest fan base of any programme....it shows how it appeals to some people.

........and now we see the 12th Doctors costume revealed. It is perfect!
A link to the BBC page can be found here

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