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Main » 2014 » November » 5 » Sean Pertwee - One of my top photograph picks so far in 2014
10:43 PM
Sean Pertwee - One of my top photograph picks so far in 2014

What can I say? Sean Pertwee is as much of a legend as his father Jon. Sean’s voice is instantly identifiable on many voiceovers. Halloween comes along and this is what Sean posts on his Instagram profile. One can only hope he considers a cameo in Dr Who, but even as a one off, it is my favorite image of 2014 so far

There are many elements to the reason I like it so much. Two main ones being the immediate family resemblance and, the most important for me, is knowing how proud his father would be of the obvious love that exudes from it.



Guess Who I'm going as tonight ? #isthereadoctorinthehouse #nyc

A photo posted by Sean Pertwee (@seanpertwee) on

Here of course is his great father as the third incarnation of Dr Who


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