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Facebook is just boring......It has become worn, like an old boot!
I am sorry to say that Facebook really has lost its charm. I rarely venture on it nowadays and when I do it is full of sponsored adverts. The layout has gradually got worse and the phone app is not worth the hassle as it direly loads feeds in the wrong order. I will only go on it to see friends status updates if I know something is happening and that is very rare. 
One thing that has become an aspect of Facebook that i can not relate to is the constant 'baby' photos. Don't get me wrong, they are cute, but I simply can not relate to them. It makes me sound like a stick in the mud as I know that it is the number one purpose in that parents life. It is just so prevalent on Facebook that they have even invented an app to replace baby photos with pictures of other effects!

The further aspect I really can't abide is the showing of the 'I've never seen a video like this in my life' type of shares. The videos that are not even viral and are posted out of pure laziness. Facebook is a community that has lost its way and those 'anniversary' shockers reminded me of cheesy 70's photo albums......you know, the ones that died out due to how depressing that actually were.

I will continue to venture onto Facebook but now only go on once a week. I want to cut it down further. Twitter has always been much more interesting anyway. I don't want to loose touch with the people I have connected with on there. I cut my connections down and have reduced the timelines I follow to make sure that I spend very little time on it.
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