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Norton Domiracer - It does not get better than this
What can I say? Over 50 years later, with a modern spin, it has returned and the limited edition 50 have already got peoples names on them.

"I wanted to build a bike that was the pure essence of a café racer, with no expense spared. The kind of bike that I would build if I took home a Norton Commando and stripped it down to it's bare essentials" - Simon Skinner, Norton Motorcycles

This machine really is the most exciting bike for years. I can't think of a machine I would rather be on come a lovely summers day. It exudes classic style and that sound would throb as thunderous as an E power chord played on a Gibson Les Paul played at full pelt through a Marshall stack.

I urge you to view the video below. If you do not feel even a slight twinge of excitement then I think you require assistance from a medical professional. Those lucky fifty devils!

I really love the 961 Commando and this is like a dirty version....I mean really dirty. The café racer style is what Norton is about to me. 
This Norton is the pinnacle of their retro form. I think the price was not bad at all. If you compare with their standard list. I hope I see one on the road.....soon. Roll on Summer.

For Norton's website please click the link www.nortonmotorcycles.com

Here is a run down of the features from last year courtesy of MCN and Simon Skinner.

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