I have never been a cycle racing fan. I previously tried to watch the Tour de France a few times and found it long and, at times, the racing situations did not make sense. I live in Yorkshire and it came here in 2 stages for the first time. My hometown of Harrogate hosted the stage 1 finish and the whole entourage of trucks and broadcasters came to bring the circus to a usually sleepy old spa town. I went to see it 2 days before the start and saw the amount of money it must cost to put on a show like that. Going with a friend who cycles he told me about some of the brands and I felt the excitement building. It surprised me that I was getting sucked into the spirit. The weather was good and we went to a local pub and soaked in a truly superb atmosphere. Harrogate’s central streets were closed off and it became clear this event was like no other. I watch Moto GP and have also worked as a volunteer ... Read more »

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