Well it is a few months before my beekeeping adventure begins and I thought it was time to buy some items. My intention was to choose the hive design and stick to that particular form. This is always recommended so all frames and products can be interchangeable. I previously ordered 2 nuclei of bees. These are Buckfast bees due to their nature. It strange really that my intention was always to get pure black bees due to the exhibition Julia and I saw at The Eden Project. This was promoting the Black Bee Project where the original pure strain was trying to be brought back. Black bees are hardy and well mannered. When I was deciding to which bees to get I read a great deal of literature. I also got advice from the tutors at RHS Harlow Carr last year when I attended the beekeeping course. I even emailed the project itself. It sounded like the pure strain is being brought back but is next to impossible to get and keep p ... Read more »
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