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Cornwall is Julia and my top destinations to visit and we decided that we should go again. We set off for 2 weeks of relaxed Cornish holidaying. It was a shame the weather was utterly appalling when we set off. I had to wear waterproofs loading the damn car as the rain was bucketing it down. Quite a bit of the car journey was in bad weather and it took ages to get to our cottage near Padstow. I think we set off around 10.30am and ended up getting to our place at 9.30pm. It is the latest we have got there. I just did not want to rush as ... Read more »
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What can I say? Sean Pertwee is as much of a legend as his father Jon. Sean’s voice is instantly identifiable on many voiceovers. Halloween comes along and this is what Sean posts on his Instagram profile. One can only hope he considers a cameo in Dr Who, but even as a one off, it is my favorite image of 2014 so far

There are many elements to the reason I like it so much. Two main ones being the immediate family resemblance and, the most important for me, is knowing how proud his father would be of the obvious love that exudes from it.


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When Verity Lambert convinced the then Head of Drama Sydney Newman that the Daleks would help with the making of new series Dr Who, I don’t even think they knew how much it would catch the viewing public’s imagination. The 1960’s saw what would be referred to as Dalekmania. There are some great images below that show the impact and give us a glimpse of how great ideas light up people’s imagination.

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It is truly an understatement to say that the bible has many stories that have been adapted into various types of art. One of the more well known is the 17th century set of poems by the English poet John Milton. It is an epic twelve books of blank verse. It is based around the book of Genesis and Adam and Eve. It explains their creation and loss of place within the Garden of Eden. In effect the fall of man and Satan’s part in that downfall.

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I have discussed aspects of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) on past blog entries. Here I would like to draw your attention to a quite obscure moment in the history of this genre. I have always been a fan of the late guitarist Paul Samson. A very underrated player indeed, it is his early work with his band Samson that I have affection for the most. Formed in 1977, it was not until the album Head on in 1980 that the music started to gain its power. They had been an extremely hard touring band, putting in hundreds of shows all around Europe. Bruce ... Read more »
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The date was 23rd May 2011 and the shuttle Endeavour is attached to the International Space Station. No photograph had ever been taken of both shuttle and ISS together. That is until Paolo Nespoli, a European Space Agency astronaut took the following image from a departing Soyuz TMA-20. The Soyuz landed in Kazakhstan later that day. On board were two other crew members that all had spent 159 days in space. There was Cady Coleman (NASA) and Dmitry Kondratyev (Russian cosmonaut and exhibition 27 commander)

Click the image to see the full majesty of the view


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Music is a great gift. It is also incredibly diverse. Some people love pop and others jazz. My main taste has always been hard rock, heavy metal and blues. Iron Maiden was one of the first bands I was wholeheartedly a fan of. I still am but it is mainly of the first eight albums. This is due to the fact they take me on a nostalgic high. Originally they heralded the new wave of British heavy metal. This is together with bands like Raven, Judas Priest, Hell, Venom and Samson to name but a few. Iron Maiden with original singer Paul DiAnno brought out the incredible Soundhouse tapes then an impressive debut album in Iron Maiden, followed by the equally prodigious album, Killers. When Bruce Dickinson joined the fold from fellow NWOBHM band Samson they notched up a gear and the world was shown how to create a supreme live p ... Read more »
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Here is a quick post for you. When I see some television programmes and geography is mentioned then 9 times out or 10 people seem ignorant to where some locations are in the world. Nowadays there is no excuse. The funny aspect I notice more than any other is that the general public knows quite a bit about specific countries. It fits in with the most common countries for holidays such as parts of Spain, Italy, Australia, America and France. It does sound as if I am generalising but it seems very common. Witnessing the confusion when some people are asked to point at where Tunisia is on a map is quite amusing, if slightly frustrating. Do you know where it is? Did you know that it is bordered with Algeria and the beautiful Mediterranean Ocean? It is part of Northern Africa and its main industries are mining, footwear, petroleum and beverages.

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Zoe lives in Hawaii at the Three Ring Ranch. She is not an albino but does in fact have a condition called amelanosis. This is the lack of colour pigments; these are referred to as melanin. The stripes are golden and Zoe’s body is white. Her eyes are blue and have poor vision. The condition means she is susceptible to kidney problems and skin cancer. The ranch makes sure her diet is adapted and that Zoe is monitored for cancer regularly.


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I really enjoyed this story. A pair of Dr Who fans with a Dalek ring bearer. Not only did the couple have one of the most evil foes but they also came down the aisle to the series theme tune. It was the idea of renewing their vows after 30 years that made them create this great event. It was to raise money for the little buds fund for special care babies at Darent Valley hospital. They both work there, one as a midwife and the other in the maternity ward.


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